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[Webinar] HubSpot for Senior Executives


In this episode, we looked at HubSpot for Senior Managers/Executives and discuss the alignment and importance of a CRM in your business.



Here are the timestamps for some of the information that was discussed:

  • 3m:58 sec - 3 Key Benefits of A CRM
  • 5m:07sec - Operational Efficiency
  • 6m:03 sec - Business Intelligence
  • 7m:47 sec - Cross Functional Integration
  • 9m:17sec - Low CRM Adoption
  • 12m:05 sec - 4 Reasons for Low CRM Adoption
  • 16m:25sec - The Importance of Data Quality - 20m:21sec - 5 Real Customer Concersations
  • 24m:44sec - Commitment or Compliance - Leaders need to make a decision
  • 25m:48 - How HubSpot & OPAAT-SWY Helps Support Your Approach
  • 27,:20sec - The right Approach to CRM Implementation

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