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39 min video

[Video] Talking Sales Enablement, Marketing & HubSpot w/ Resa Gooding



It was an honour to chat with a good friend and colleague Resa Gooding, Client Services Manager of Cacao Media - Israel for a couple of reasons;

1) Resa and I share a similar passion for supporting & enabling teams (Sales & Marketing) to be at their best.

2) Resa saw an opportunity took it and now has one of the most successful agencies in Israel.

3) Last but most importantly, Resa is a woman of the soil of Trinidad & Tobago.

In this conversation we talked about her journey in becoming who she is today and of course we talk what we love which is Sales Enablement, Marketing & HubSpot.

About Cacao Media:

Cacao Media is a Marketing & Sales Automation company, that trains your in-house teams while executing their Digital Marketing strategies. They are also the second most successful HubSpot Certified Agency Partner in Israel.

Interview Topics Timestamps:

Topic: Entrepreneurship

1) Thirteen Years in Israel: 1m 50sec

2) Seeing a Gap and making it an Opportunity: 2m 14sec

3) Coming Across HubSpot: 3m 14sec

Topic: Sales Enablement

4) Sales Enablement - What is it? 5m 33sec

5) Sales Enablement Process: 7m 44sec

6) Examples of Resources: 8m 16sec

Topic: Marketing

7) Marketing teams are Digital Sales teams: 9m 40sec

8) Marketing's Role: 10m 35sec

9) Traditional Marketing brings no ROI: 10m 43sec

10) Marketing & Sales Alignment: 11m 13sec

11) Marketing KPIs have to change

12) Repurposing Your Budget: 16m 53sec

13) Sales teams need to be enabled: 17m 48sec

14) Jobs are becoming more vulnerable: 18m 25sec

15) Make your process frictionless: 18m 54sec

16) COVID19 has changed Field Sales: 18m 30sec

17) Companies lack digital infrastructure: 20m 33sec

Topic: CRM

18) Bad Culture & the Big Brother Mindset: 22m 23sec

19) How to improve sales team CRM Adoption: 25m 05

20) How CRM Helps Sales Reps: 25m 32sec

21) Automation: 27m 59

Topic: HubSpot

22) The simple thing to understand about HubSpot: 29m

23) Getting a lot for Free: 30m 55sec

24) HubSpot Webchat: 31m 40sec

25) How HubSpot helps support the process: 33m

26) Deal Forecasting & Sales Activities: 34m 40sec

27) Using tasks to stay productive: 35m

28) Other Great Features: 36m 50


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