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Lyndon Brathwaite

Founder | Lead Consultant | Father

Blog Post by Lyndon Brathwaite

WTD w/ Apple + Google and Their Impact on Marketers? Feat. Alex Moore

Over the last year months, both Apple and Google made some announcements that have and ...
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Learn 5 Important Value Proposition Categories And How They Apply To Sales

There's been a lot of chatter about the term value proposition. While I'm pleased with ...
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[Video] What's The Deal w/ Student Engagement & Experience? Feat. Jarell Alder

Over the years we have been discussing the change in the customer's behaviour and how ...
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8 Keys To Developing Effective Sales Teams

Sales teams are essential to any organisation. But, having a team is one thing; how ...
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What Does OPAAT-SWY Mean?

When thinking about the name of this company, one thing I didn't expect was how much of a ...
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4 Keys Ways To Starting Your Sales Month Off The Right Way

It is the start of a sales new month, so you know what that means. New targets! 
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[Video] What's The Deal w/ HubSpot? Feat. Kyle Jepson

There are several CRM applications in the world for entrepreneurs, sales, marketing and ...
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New To Insurance Sales? Here Are 12 Things To Do To Be Great.

Selling insurance sales is one of the most competitive and challenging sales professions ...
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Looking For A Successful New Year? Here's Seven Things You Need To Be

It is the time of the year when many of us make promises we sometimes cannot keep or are ...
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Resolutions, Goals, Commitment & Achievement

New Year Resolutions become the buzz phrase for at least the first three months of every ...
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