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Sell the way your customer buys

Attract | Engage | Commit | Measure
It's important that sales professionals adapt in today's sales environment. Our buyers are starting their purchasing journey in different ways and at different touch points.
This means sales professionals must learn about the the customer, their journey and preferences and how to apply certain techniques to attract, engage and gain customer commitment
Hence, their need to learn to sell in a Digital Age.

Watch the Webinar

Guest Speaker: Stefano Gasbarrino (Teal Lead - HubSpot)

In this webinar we discussed how the modern buyer has changed the way sellers sell and what sales professionals need to be doing now to maintain and grow their sales numbers.

Attract | Engage | Commit | Measure

This methodology incorporates a blend of core outbound and inbound sales techniques with a specific focus on helping sales professionals SELL BETTER by better understanding their Buyer's Behaviour.

Attract the right Leads

Use modern Inbound and Outbound prospecting  strategies to attract best fit leads and keep your pipeline filled.
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Engage Leads Better

Qualify and build TRUST with your prospects by learning how to engage with them at different stages of their buying process.
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Commit to Close

Convert leads more deals through consultative selling and not hard selling. Learn how to manage your  and your sales activities to keep your pipeline healthy. filled.
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Earn More Commission

Being the #1 or a top five producer isn't the end game for sales professionals. The end game is to earn as much, to have the lifestyle they want.

Who is this training for?

This training is for B2B and B2C individuals and teams responsible for identifying new leads, growing their base, managing target accounts, hitting monthly/quarterly/annual revenue targets.
  • Automotive
  • Insurance
  • Office Equipment
  • Information Technology
  • Higher Education

3 Types of Car Buyers

While there are many different personality types of customers we have been able to narrow down automotive buyers into three categories: 

- Logicical

- Emotional or Impulsive

- Blended

This training teaches automotive sales professionals how to: 

- Attract the right buyer for each vehicle type.

- Create Content to support the buyer's journey

- Engage with them to identify where they are in the buyers journey and their needs.

- To get them to Commit or close the deal.

- Measure and build community around you existing customers and drive more sales through referrals.

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Sell on Trust and Value not Fear

There is a major gap in the insurance industry. That gap is between how agents reach out to prospective customers and how prospective customer wants to be connected with, educated and sold insurance.

Two main challenges we address in our training 

1) The Sales Approach

2) The Unique Value Proposition an Agent

In our training we teach agents how:

- Use social media and other digital mediums to educate, build trust and Attract prospective clients.

- Draft a series of questions to Engage with prospects to identify needs based on where they are in their journey.

- To get prospects to Commit and close the deal.

- Nurture existing clients and grow their portfolios as their family and needs.

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Shifting from Speeds & Feeds to Value

The office equipment, furniture and supplies space is highly competitive and very commoditised. 

For the customer it's great because there is the power of choice, however, for the vendor (seller) it's extremely difficult as customers group everything and everyone together. 

All chairs and printers are the same, right?...Wrong

So, how can companies correct this?

Three ways: 

  1. Their marketing teams must do a better job of selling VALUE and not features and specs
  2. Their sales professionals must engage, communicate and compete on value and not features, speeds and feeds.
  3. Blending Inbound and Outbound sales strategy between sales and marketing.

Read More About: What is Inbound Sales Here.

Using ABM to Grow Your Enterprise Accounts

Tech base sales can be a very complex, competitive and challenge.

Based on the offering, most tech firms have a target audience composed of medium, large and  enterprises organisations with very particular needs.

The sales approach has to be two things consultative and very value centric, however, in many instances it's normally focused on one thing...price.

In out training we teach sales consultants, to lead the conversation with value and how to remove price from the conversation.

We also show marketers how they can use an Account Based Marketing approach to support the sales team in their lead generation efforts.

Read More about: Inbound and Account Based Marketing Here

Never SELL a Program or Course Again

Higher Education Institutions MUST Change their approach to enrolment. 
Currently almost all schools are competing the same way and not offering any value to their student other than a seat in a class.
Why? Because the view of what they do for their student is either lost or unclear. 
Marketers must change their approach from selling seats to selling growth and development to their students. They must understand their institution's Value Proposition and Client Profile. 
This training will teach students to do three main things:
  1. Connecting with parents and students at different stages of the enrolment journey.
  2. Staying top of mind.
  3. Converting leads to enrolled students.

Core Modules

Here is a list of some of our core training modules.
  • Customer Profile & Personas
  • Value Proposition
  • Buyer's Journey (Mapping)
  • Attract | Engage | Commit | Measure Philosophy
  • Prospecting Techniques
  • Developing Call & Email Scripts
  • Identifying Customer Needs (Applying the Goals, Plans, Challenges, Timeline Model)
  • Objection Handling
  • Core Closing Strategies

Custom Modules

Add additional modules based on your needs.
  • Understanding the Complex Sale
  • Pipeline Management
  • Personal Branding
  • Social Selling
  • More...


Our Approach

Discovery Meeting

In this first engagement with your leadership team, we discuss your goals, challenges, plans and your vision of a way forward.


We conduct a sales readiness assessment that measures four things; Skills, Techniques, Leadership and Technology. This will help's us identify addition gaps not discussed in our first meeting. 

Training Delivery

The delivery of programme that's tailored to your sales force varies between online and onpremise. All sessions are mixer with role plays of actual sales scenarios, teaching on specific techniques and an evaluation.

Measure | Support | Handover

Measure the progress of the team based on the KPI's set. Support management in creating change. Handover ownership to the managers. 

Pricing Options

A compact overview of the offered pricing options of your product. Highlight a specific column or recommend it with a tag.


Coming Soon
60/min per session
Access to sales resources, tools and videos (Limited)

Invest in yourself and GROW your sales career at your own pace.


Build a program that addresses your teams's challenges and matches organisation's, goals and objectives.


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