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41 min video

[Video] Digital Entrepreneurship w/ Keron Rose



In this episode I'm super excited to have the opportunity to chat with Keron Rose.

Keron is the champion of educating entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean about digital entrepreneurship, eCommerce.

Keron shared his journey as an entrepreneur and also some really strong insight on the importance of taking your business online in the 21 Century.

Conversation Topics & Timestamps

  • Where is entrepreneurship now in the Caribbean - 4min 28sec
  • Digital Entrepreneurship - 5min 14sec
  • The mIndset Shift for Entrepreneurs & Startups - 6min 33sec
  • Adjusting the business model - 9min 35sec
  • Looking deeper at your business model - 11min 19 sec
  • Using Social Media (Instagram) to find partners
  • Instagram in your Portfolio 15min 20sec
  • B2B Companies need to change their culture - 18min 30sec
  • How businesses should really use Social Media - 19min 52 sec -
  • Corporate Marketer's generic approach to marketing - 20min 43sec
  • Marketers not being good salespeople - 23min 27sec
  • Owning your platform - 26min 30sec
  • Advice to entrepreneurs & Startups - 30min 30sec
  • Content is a revenue-generating activity - 35min
  • Mike Tyson's quote on planning - 36min 38sec
  • Listening to your audience - 37min 46sec
  • Think Digital First - 38min 55sec


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