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37 min video

[Video] Compliance Best Practices for Small Business Growth w/ Andrea Ragoo


In this episode, we are discussing the unsexy but important side of entrepreneurship.

The deep administrative side of your business is vital to your business and it's growth.

Conversation Topics & Timestamps

  • About ATR Business Solutions & Andrea Ragoo: 2 min 43 sec
  • Why should entrepreneurs and small business practice good bookkeeping? : 5 min 36 sec
  • Proper documents support bringing new items to market on the finance: 8 min 40 sec
  • How not filing your annual returns affects your business: 9 min 58 sec
  • Who needs to file an annual return? 13 min 15 sec
  • What's the process for Sole Traders & Partnerships? 15 min 23 sec
  • The different types of company you can register in Trinidad & Tobago: 16 min 40 sec
  • What are you entitled to from the government within your for 3 years? 24 min 20 sec
  • Being compliant for larger business opportunities (Government & Private)
  • The Gov't of Trinidad & Tobago is developing a pre-registered list of vendors: 29 min 07 sec
  • Staying Compliant for Sales Opportunities: 31 min 35 sec
  • Don't be scared by the work compliance: m4 min 27 sec
  • There is also an amnesty on for entrepreneurs and small business: 36 min 21 sec


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