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[Tutorial] Connecting Your Calendar to HubSpot

The HubSpot to Gmail integration offers a free two-way sync functionality that allows users the ability to easily sync meeting between both platforms. 

It's also a very productive tool for sales reps looking at creating meeting smoothly with clients without the unnecessary back and forth of "what time are you free".

In this tutorial, we show you the steps involved in setting up your calendar (Gmail/Oggice 365) to your HubSpot account.


Watch The Tutorial



Follow These Steps


Step 1

Go to “Settings” from then on your left go to General.

Connecting Your Calendar to HubSpot

Step 2

Under the General tab, click Calendar. Once you have clicked the calendar tab it will look like the image below (image #2)

Connecting Your Calendar to HubSpot

Step 3

Scroll down to “Connect you Calendar” click connect your calendar.

Choose the email server whether it is Google/Gmail, Office 365 or Exchange you wish to connect, then click “Connect your Calendar” to confirm.

Please Note: there is a check box to choose “Turn on Calendar Sync” (only for events with existing HubSpot contacts)


Step 4

Read through the terms and conditions, then click “Accept and connect to Google” once you agree.

Please note: That the terms will differ from Google/Office 365.


Step 5

Choose the email address you wish to connect to.


Step 6

Review the instructions provided, then click “Allow”.


You're All Done

Your calendar is now connected to HubSpot!


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