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What is Coursera? 5 Courses For Sales, Marketing & Entrepreneurs

The COVID-19 pandemic has widely impacted the way we learn. Prior to the outbreak, institutions engaged in blended learning systems which included a mixture of online and in-person classes. However, it can be stated that the pandemic has significantly contributed to an almost complete overhaul of traditional learning systems into totally virtual platforms.
The pandemic also impacted sales and marketing professionals ability to connect with existing and potential customers. Shifting the approach from a direct in-person engagement to one that is now virtual. In this article, we highlight some courses within Coursera we believe will help professionals in these respective fields to stay on top of their game.
  • What is Coursera
  • 5 Courses for Sales, Marketing & Entrepreneurs


What is Coursera?

Coursera is an e-learning platform that offers a variety of courses via partnerships with educational institutions including top universities like Northwestern University and other platforms such as HubSpot Academy. View a full list of Coursera partners here.
Coursera’s programme offerings include individual courses, professional development certificates and even online Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees across several fields of study. If you’re wondering how accessible Coursera’s programmes are, most of the courses are free to audit. This means that you can access the courses’ learning materials for free, however, you will not be able to submit certain assignments, receive grades or obtain a course certificate.
Alternatively, if you do prefer graded assessments and you desire to celebrate your course completion by attaining a certificate, you have the option to upgrade and pay for the course. Furthermore, for some Coursera programmes, you can apply for financial aid. Learn more about Coursera’s enrollment options here.
Along with the flexibility of self-paced learning, one of Coursera’s most distinguishing features is the diversity of courses offered. It is literally a knowledge centre for a variety of disciplines, inclusive of Sales and Marketing - and we dare say that all Sales Persons and Marketers understand that being successful in such dynamic fields requires constant learning and re-learning.

5 Recommend courses for Sales and Marketers professionals:

1. Sales Training: Techniques for a Human-Centric Sales Process: This beginner-level course is offered by HubSpot via Coursera’s platform. If you are aiming to enhance your negotiation, sales strategy and planning skills, this course is for you. A unique feature of this course is that you are provided with downloadable templates such as Sales Scripts and Exploratory Call Checklists. This course can be completed on its own, however, it is also a part of a specialization course which you can opt to complete if you desire.
2. Models & Frameworks to Support Sales Planning: If you are a sales professional, this course is perfect for you to improve your understanding of the subjects of sales management, selling models and frameworks - that support sales planning, which relates to the hard and soft skills that are applicable in the sales process.
3. Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs: Even though this course takes approximately thirteen hours to complete, it promises that you will receive well-rounded insight into the world of marketing. The course’s curriculum boasts of covering integrated concepts from general marketing theories to modern digital marketing topics such as conversion and retention. There are also some compulsory assignments, so ensure that you can commit some study-time before signing up.
4. Forecasting Models for Marketing Decisions: This course is offered by Emory University and facilitated by Coursera. Over 12,000 persons from around the world have enrolled in the course and it has gained some great reviews from past learners.
A cool feature of this course is that there are some peer-graded assignments, so you won’t just be learning via Instructor’s videos/lectures, but also, be assessed by other learners who are enrolled in the course with you. Additionally, the peer-graded assessments will definitely be beneficial to you because you will not only be capable of reviewing your peers’ work but also, you may learn a different approach or gain a new perspective on the lesson taught from your peers.
5. Sales & Marketing Alignment: Each Marketer and Sales Person should definitely gain an understanding of how sales and marketing correlate. That’s exactly why you should sign up for this course. Upon completion, you should have the applicable skills, knowledge and competencies to contribute to the value creation that sales and marketing alignment provides.
Based on the curriculum, reviews and enrollment options and a number of other necessary filters, you can find the Coursera program that is a right fit for you.
Although accessing the courses via audit has its benefits, opting to pay to receive your grades and collecting a Certificate upon successful course completion is also advantageous - such as adding your achievements to your LinkedIn profile to improve your employability.
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