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44 min video

[Video] What is Business Development Culture w/ Shawn Amorer


What is Business Development Culture (BDC) and how it applies to the Automotive Industry?

I've always been a fan of automotive sales mainly because it's where my sales career started.

It's been eighteen (18) years since then and while a lot has changed from my observations a lot of things have stayed the same.

Shawn Armorer and I discuss the changes in the industry, the challenges we are seeing and what changed need to be made.

Shawn has over 20 years in the automotive space and has evolved into a proven Business Growth Strategist. Creating and implementing successful BDCs across sales structures, fixed operations models, customer service processes, marketing and data analytic strategies, etc.


Topics Covered:

  • Shawn's Story
  • What is a Business Development Culture (BDC)?
  • How is it relevant today?
  • Who is responsible for it?
  • How can companies apply it?
  • Sales Leadership
  • The growth of a sales professional
  • The components of good sales leadership
  • More...


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