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Lyndon Brathwaite | TTT Interview_2
10 Min Video

[Morning Show Interview] Tips For Boosting Sales And Performance

Any holiday or holiday or festive season can put a severe dent in your revenue numbers if not managed with your team correctly. Some companies and sales managers manage this well, while others struggle.

In a recent TTT Online Television Interview interview, Lyndon Brathwaite spoke about some things companies can do to manage the business before, during and after the festive season. He also highlighted some of the challenges that are currently affecting business even outside of seasonal periods.


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Interview Chapters and Notes

  • 0:00 - Intro

  • 1:06 - Background: Lyndon shares how he came up with the concept and name of his company OPAAT-SWY Consulting.

  • 1:55 - Trends In Sales: Several cool developments are happening in sales, from sales technology to sales methodologies, techniques, strategies, etc. However, one of the challenges experienced in Trinidad and Tobago today is that we are very traditional in how we currently approach sales and our relationship with our customers.

  • 3:02 - Moving Away from Traditional Approaches: One of the most important points from the interview was the need for companies to move away from the traditional transactional approach to business and build better relationships with their customers.

  • 3:35 - Important Component Of Sales Training: Kimberly asked how companies and sales professionals can improve. The answer is to spend more time learning about the customer. Every product, service or solution has a customer type, and the more sales professionals study these customer types, not just the product, the better they become at sales. Companies can achieve this in a sales training module called Customer Profiling.

  • 4:33 - Where Do Companies Start, With Focus Groups?: The best place to start is with your existing customers. Your current clients are the best resource for putting a profile together. Outside of just asking for a Customer Satisfaction Survey, ask the customer, “Did we help you achieve your goal? That can be a scary question for most companies but an important one from a growth perspective.

  • 5:26 - How Can Companies Make This Culture Shift? Any cultural shift must start with the leadership and companies first recognising that they have a problem or the current way of doing business has changed. Sometimes companies recognise this late or when they are heavily impacted by revenue loss, staff or customer attrition, lower margins etc. The leader that sees the need to make these changes sooner than later will be better for it in the long term.


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  • 6:27 - OPAAT-SWY offers Sales Enablement As A Service. What Is That Exactly? Sales Enablement is the coming together of all three departments sales, marketing, and service. The main objective is to help sales professionals have the right tools and resources to sell more efficiently.


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  • 7:03 - How To Build A Dream Team for Sales? The look of a sales team should always coincide with the goals and objectives of the organisation. Suppose a company wants to grow its market share and capture new business. In that case, the profile of that sales professional would be different when it comes to that of someone that’s there to maintain and nurture existing business. Always align the hire to the objective, and manage that diligently. Also, ensure you are incentivising the sales professional the right way so they can stay motivated and driven.

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  • 8:08 - Tips for Boosting Sales Performance: Here are three quick tips on how companies can boost sales;

    • Start showing up more on social platforms.

    • Have the right messaging to attract the right customer profile.

    • Always address real problems customers are experiencing and not the product's features.

    • Keep learning daily in this sales industry

    • Sales managers must be better at managing their teams.

  • 8:41 - What is HubSpot?: HubSpot is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps companies large and small manage their business in one place. It allows marketing, sales and service teams to work better together for the sake of the customer.

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