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Looking For A Successful New Year? Here's Seven Things You Need To Be

It is the time of the year when many of us make promises we sometimes cannot keep or are uncertain about where to start. We know what we want; however, the challenge comes as it relates to achieving them. We highlighted a Forbes study in one of our articles where only 8% of people ever achieve their New Year’s Resolutions.


“Just 8% Of People Achieve Their New Year's Resolutions​” - Forbes.


In this article, we will look at the seven things we need to “BE” to be part of that successful 8%.


1. Be - Open-Minded

Achievement of anything means that there has to be a change somewhere, and the most significant change has to be a change of mindset. If your goals or resolutions are new or a carryover from a year to two, the standard prerequisite is to have an open mind in trying new techniques, strategies, etc., to proceed to the next level. A few things to be open-minded to are new ideas, methods, criticism, developing new relationships, etc.


“The significant problems faced today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking from when created” - Albert Einstein.


2. Be - Inspired:

Having a goal is one thing but being inspired to follow through on this goal is another. We all have different sources of inspiration, from books, speakers, movies, personal drive, friends, co-workers, clients, etc. One of my most significant sources of inspiration is my daughter. She is at an age where seeing her mother and me pursuing our goals and achieving them is encouraging to her, not to mention that it keeps us accountable as parents. Hearing her say, “Wow, daddy, that’s cool”, after sharing small wins or milestones with her, is a big thing and keeps me motivated.


3. Be - Honest:

The use of the term “Integrity” can be so cliched in this day and age. Sometimes the people we hold in some high esteem seem to have a strange dark past or side life that disappoints us when it comes to light. However, the honesty I speak of does not relate to how we do business with our clients, interact with colleagues, friends, etc. but to be honest with ourselves.

There is nothing worse than fooling ourselves into thinking that we are in a better place or do not need to make any changes when it’s pretty apparent that we must. Being able to say “this is where I am now” adds clarity to work required in getting us where we need to “Be” in the new year. Self-assessments are not always the easiest thing; it’s easier to allow someone else to tell us what we think we need to hear, but we already know what needs to happen a large percentage of the time.


4. Be - Steadfast

We have done it at some point in our lives; get pumped at the start of the year. Create a list of a few things we want to achieve, start the year doing them, and somewhere within three hours, three days, three weeks, or three months we lose focus, zeal, etc., ultimately never achieving anything.

It sets us back a year or worse, discourages us so much that we never look at the goal again. Steadfastness/Commitment is a big part of achieving anything. It’s not always easy, but that’s where having a deep understanding of your “WHY” is essential. Why you decided to have this goal can be the only and most important source of inspiration you need to carry you through. Let your “WHY” give you your wings...#Redbulleffect


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5. Be - Of Value

This is important for all entrepreneurs as value is a vital part of our proposition to our customers. However, I’ll take it one level deeper by encouraging everyone reading this to look at “VALUE” from a person-to-person standpoint.

Regardless of the nature of your business, human interaction is inevitable, and the way we interact with others is vital to our personal and professional growth. Suppose your current space does not have a high level of positive human interaction. In that case, try being the example and attempt to change it or find somewhere that encourages that level of interaction.


“We must have our values and standards and live by them” - Lyndon Brathwaite.


6. Be - Faithful

“To walk 1000 miles, you must make your first step” the takeaway with this has always been that no matter how tired or discouraged you become, no matter the peaks or thoughts you encounter, you can achieve your goal once you keep moving forward. We are never sure what we will meet on the journey, but staying true to the cause, increases your faith. Faithfulness is vital to success.


7. Believe:

As good as the first six (6) points were, everything goes to waste without a robust belief system. Believing in yourself provides inspiration, purpose and commitment, vital to achieving anything.


“A man’s outputs are as a direct result of his inputs” - Bob Proctor.

Every minute, day, month or year is an opportunity to start on a clean sheet of paper where you can continue writing or completely rewrite that chapter in your life story.

As we reflect on the last quote from Bob Proctor, I encourage you to study these seven tips, internalise them make them part of your mantra or action plan and have a GREAT and SUCCESSFUL New Year.


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