Things Don't Have To Be Perfect

Over the weekend I sat with a guy (random stranger) and we just started sharing our experiences growing up and where we are now and where we came from.

When he shared his present state with me I was really impressed. A father of four, completing a five (5) bedroom apartment for his kids and doing well for himself I was very impressed.

I don't have any formal education

But then he paused and strangely enough what he said next was more impressive than what he already mentioned. He said “bro I don’t have the formal level of schooling” most people have. “I grew up in an institution for boys, things were rough growing up”. He then went on to say “while in the institution, I learned to be a tailor and fell in love with it, that has me where I am today”. He went onto say "he could have accepted things as they were, but he already knew the end result of that path he wanted more.

Where is he today? Today he's a senior tailor for one of Trinidad’s most recognized fashion designers. He is also sought after by many other clients to do work for them.

Ever had someone say something to you that made you do an automatic self-assessment? That’s what happened to me. I paused for a bit sitting back and asking myself “am I using my talents, to get where I want to be? or "am I using them at all?”

I've seen bankers become caterers, mechanics become service managers

Many of us are employed in jobs we like, don’t like, grown to like, grown to hate, etc. but in most instances, it may not be what we really want to do or what we are talented in. I’ve seen bankers turn into caterers, office clerks become nail technicians, mechanics become senior service managers, all because they decided to expand on what they liked/loved doing or what gave them the most joy.

The other important thing I learned here was, that your current situation is not permanent, and can be changed. The change, however, must start with you? Even if it's sparked by an external force/entity the follow through must come from you.

With thirty-three days gone in 2019, I want to ask you to look within yourself and if you’ve ever had a dream to do something you love business or otherwise try it. You might be surprised where it can take you, in the area of personal growth, financial income, etc. use your talents to build your dream.

Written by: Lyndon Brathwaite

Inspired by: Real Events

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