The C-Level is a major part of the buying team major to the point whereby they are the ones to give the final approval on major projects, acquisitions, etc. Interestingly enough however, they may not necessarily be the key influencers. If the CEO has no prior experience of knowledge on the solution then their next move is to instruct or delegate those hired with the respective competencies to gather the necessary information that is important in him/her making the decision.

When Henry Ford was ridiculed for not knowing certain things he responded saying (paraphrased) “I do not need to commit these things memory, I hired persons capable of answering those questions”. That response to an extent is what happens when an organisation is looking a solution, product or service. Senior management (C-Level) delegated with specific guidelines on what the needs are based upon the objectives.

Four things that the C-Level looks at based upon their portfolio are but not limited to the following;

  • Cost

  • Productivity,

  • Profitability and

  • Image

Based upon the solution,service, etc. this is where the sales professionals work starts as he/she will have to identify the key influencer(s) to be able to close this opportunity.

The C-Level upon the role of the one of the most important roles in the customer buying process but they are not the key “influencer” in most instances. Information is fed to CEOs, Chairmans, CIO, CFO, etc. by other members of team. Their role is to take that information, recommendations, etc. and make the decision that’s in the company’s best interest.

Stay tuned to our short series on finding the influencer in the buying team.

About the Author: Lyndon is the founder and managing director of OPAAT-SWY Consulting Ltd. He is passionate about life, people the ability to experience unlimited achievements. His areas of expertise are sales, customer service coaching, leadership and motivational speaking.

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