The name Judas is synonymous with betrayal, mainly because of his role in the crucifixion of Jesus. Locally we can all remember Basdeo Panday saying “There is a Judas in the party” as he referred to rumors or knowledge of someone betraying the UNC during their reign in the period 1995 - 2001.

“There is a Judas in the party” - Basdeo Panday

Jesus chose 12 disciples *Judas Iscariot was one of them (Luke 6:13). He was to me like all the other disciples, in a very unique and admirable position, he was both a student and a teacher. There are many different discussions as to why Judas did what he did, some say it was just for the pieces of silver, others say the devil entered him, etc. Whatever the reason, his actions lives with him for eternity.

How many of us, placed in the same situation, knowing you can be killed for following Jesus would not have made the same decision? Having the wisdom to differentiate between right and wrong is one thing. We read the daily publications, listen to the news, post our comments on social media, etc…all advocating what we feel is right in reference to the situation at hand. But when faced with a situation, not even remotely close to Judas, would you betray our own principles?

The teacher that inspires all the children in school, but is a bad parent to his/her own kids at home

The law enforcement officer that breaks the law to save himself, the supervisor disciplining an employee, but pilfering from the same company, the taxi driver trained to be a "road superior", but consistently breaks every rule for a hustle, the husband/wife that promotes stability and a happy home, but is involved in extra marital affairs, the government official that “works for the people”, but robs them in corruption scandals, the teacher that inspires all the children in school, but is a bad parent to his/her own kids at home, the business man that promotes good business ethics to his staff, but makes corrupt business deals over dinner, the abused woman wanting change in her life, but chooses to stay, the investigative reporter that highlights all the wrongs, but overlooks investigating his own wrong doing and the pastor that promotes living a God fearing life for salvation, but damning his own self with bad life practices. These examples are not specific to any one person or profession, but used to highlight the many contradictions between knowing right (knowledge) and doing wrong (actions).

One of the of the major challenges with all of the above is that, until it has been exposed. Or until something dramatic happens where we can no longer live with it. We as a people cannot seem to recognize and correct it sooner than later. Judas knew what he was doing was wrong, but followed through with it and only when guilt settled in he felt bad about it, hanging himself later (biblical account). This behaviour can be seen even today in our modern times. We make excuses for ourselves, even for our friends all the way to the end when no more excuses can be made.

Most of the challenges in my life have been self-inflicted.

I write this not to take a stab at any one, group of people or profession but because I have been my own Judas in the past, most of the challenges in my life have been self-inflicted. Even if the pain is being delivered from another source, because of what we allow to happen or not to happen impacts the outcome of that situation. So thee encouragement here is, before being so quick to speak out about something, which is the right thing to do. Also take some time to reflect to see if your house is in order, because there is nothing worse than trying to be the vigilante for everyone and everything else. Only to realize one day through self-re-flection you are actually the JUDAS, especially to your own self.

*This reference on Judas refers to Judas Iscariot, as there were two disciples with the name Judas"

Written by: Lyndon Brathwaite

Inspired by: Real Events

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