In today’s sales tip, we discuss the Power Broker (PB).

My first point about a PB is, don’t let the term fool you into thinking that this person is at a senior level. They can be a user, integrator, finance clerk, all the way up to the VP. This is the person(s) that has a lot of knowledge or experience on what the company is looking for and based upon your solution/service the level of the PB can vary.

Also very important point to note is that the PB with all of their influence can be a sponsor or anti-sponsor of your solution, service, company or even you the sales person. Passed experiences directly or indirectly can slow down or kill an opportunity all together. That's why it's so important that our level of service delivery is high. Having the best solution, isn’t enough anymore.

How to identify the PB? A good approach is to do as much information gathering as possible and identify all the players. Ask for feedback and if you don’t have the time, ask a direct question as to who would have the best knowledge about what is required.

How this info was helpful for your sale success, next week we identify some other influencers.

About the Author: Lyndon is the founder and managing director of OPAAT-SWY Consulting Ltd. He is passionate about life, people the ability to experience unlimited achievements. His areas of expertise are sales, customer service coaching, leadership and motivational speaking.

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