After gaining our independence the late Dr. Eric Williams believed that to really grow as an independent nation we needed to move away from the British approach to developing Trinbagonians, which was to train us in different skills or trades. Though not stated, this would mean that we become better skilled, but mainly with our hands and not with our minds, which was an unacceptable limitation.

Dr. Williams believed in something more, he believed that we can become a powerful people and nation not just with our hands but with the untapped power of our #minds his belief was in #education. He didn’t just want to educate to provide generic knowledge but to educate where it liberates a man’s mind to do more than what he was trained to do with his hands.

At OPAAT-SWT Consulting Ltd. we believe in this vision, and aspire to deliver training and coaching programs that educate our participants with information and activities that inspires them to do more and be more for themselves, their organisation, their customers, their families, etc.

This being a major task in itself, we stand committed to achieving this one step and a time, one person at a time. Knowing fully well that all change starts with us, the members of the OPAAT-SWY team.


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