"Clean Sheet of Paper"

When a story comes to life in the mind of an author, events eventually unfold page by page, chapter by chapter. Each day we as individuals, get the opportunity to start, and continue our life's story on a clean sheet of paper. This clean sheet gives us the ability to take personal inventory of but not limited to the following;

  • Where we are in our life

  • What we want to do

  • Who we have around us

  • What are the adjustments we can/have to make

Ultimately, what we have been feeding our mind will impact what is written on our clean sheet.

Each day we get the opportunity to do a few things;

  • Give respect to our creator or start that relationship with HIM

  • Complete a task(s) that is unfinished from the previous day(s)

  • Make peace with a family member or friend

  • Foster a new friendship or relationship

  • Try something new and challenging

  • Do something we have always wanted to

  • Be involved in something worth while

Similar to reading a novel, the next page reveals something new that adds to the story. In our life we end and start each day with tangible experiences behind us and limitless possibilities ahead. The one great thing is that no matter how we end the previous day we always have the opportunity to start the next day afresh, on a clean sheet of paper.

This clean sheet or new page means that you (the author) of the greatest story you will ever write (Your Life) have the ability to change the direction of this story at any point. Your actions or behaviors have a direct correlation to how things unfold in your future. Much in the same way a rising tide lifts all ships, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

- An argument without an honest apology or act of forgiveness, whether it happens immediately, hours or days after. Will fester and grow into a cancer of negativity, resentment, hatred and thoughts of revenge.

- A desire without action is nothing more than a wish.

When we purchase a DVD we look forward to the alternate endings. This is possible because the writer of the screenplay, the producer and director all come together to discuss the possible different endings for the story, positive or negative. In our lives we write the screenplay, produce and direct our acts and everyone else plays the role of supporting cast, while we are the lead actors and actresses in our own stories.

So as I encourage you to start your new page today, I ask what will you be filling it with?

Is it another DRAMA filled episode of confusion, confrontation, anger, and dishonesty?

A SUSPENSE where either your or someone else's drama is beginning to catch up and we are trying to stay ahead?

A SAD story where trust is broken and resentment and self-loathing exist?

A HAPPY episode where you work on mending broken bridges, coming clean with yourself, and helping someone overcome their struggles?

Or are you beginning an INSPIRATIONAL chapter where you pull from all of your life experiences and exercise poise and self-mastery (SERENITY) to be the example / teacher you ought to be.

Whichever path you decide be thoughtful about your choices, as you write the next line, to complete this next page, in the current chapter of your life.

About the Author: Lyndon is the founder and managing director of OPAAT-SWY Consulting Ltd. He is passionate about life and achievements. His areas of expertise are sales, customer service coaching, leadership and motivational speaking. He has also contributed to Culture Pulse Magazine

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