A recent survey conducted found that 90% of customers in Trinidad & Tobago were unsatisfied with the level of customer service offered by service providers. Respondents were also related that they did not get the impression that service providers took customer service seriously, and they are not doing enough to improve their experience.

Customer Service in Trinidad & Tobago Preliminary Report

This is a pretty profound perception which opens the pandora’s box on the state of service delivery and the customer service experience in Trinidad & Tobago. It is also something every service provider should pay particular attention to, especially at this crucial time. The days of taking customers for grated is a thing of the past, as customers can now calmly exercise their power of choice.

Two questions to reflect on;

  1. As an employer: What would it mean if your company lost substantial market share because of customer attrition?

  2. As an employee: What would that mean for you?

There are many factors in keeping a business running, but a business without customers is no business at all. Whether your organisation provides products or specialized services, the focus has to be on the customer. Customer service is the life blood of any business and requires a dedicated focus to stay relevant especially in current recessionary times.

Business growth through service delivery comprises of quantitive and qualitative components. The more you serve and the quality of that service determines repeat business and your rate of growth. Remember: "Your Customers Perception, Is Your Reality" - Forrester Research. Take the time to understand where your organisation can add value to you customers and you would see gradual / rapid growth because of heightened customer satisfaction.

Lyndon is the founder and managing director of OPAAT-SWY Consulting Ltd. His areas of expertise are sales and customer service coaching.

He has also contributed to Culture Pulse Magazine

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