Rigidity in customer service is not a recipe for disaster but certainly a recipe major trouble.

In today's business world we can no longer take the cookie cutter approach to facilitate all customers. As much as our service model may seem generic. Every person that walks into our establishment is very different and it is from there we need to look at how our service delivery positively or negatively impacts their experience with us.

Take a simple example of making an order at a restaurant, the customer asks if they can mix the order and the waiter responds "sorry you can only order, based on the structure of the menu" How would the client feel, and what would be their take away? (Pun intended). They will leave disappointed by the fact they did not get what they wanted, may never return and possibly dissuade others from visiting their establishment, which is something an establishment cannot afford. However, if their request was entertained, even though it cannot be delivered, but other recommendations were made that may please the client. Or even providing them with their request while indicating that this is not the norm, but we are willing to facilitate this one time, will leave the customer with a sense of satisfaction.

Most companies that get into business, get into it for one main reason and that is to provide a product or service with a monetary gain. The ultra successful companies however, put that gain secondary and the customer primary.

Author: Lyndon H. Brathwaite

Managing Director & Founder

OPAAT-SWY Consulting Ltd.

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